Reflective material like a print is illuminated by a lamp in the scanner body. The professional user can adjust any operation via numerical input and can precisely monitor the results using the integrated densitometer. The EZ-Lock Adapter The yellow circle highlights the sponge tension grip Flat Film When closed the film is pulled tight and flat, as seen from the bottom You can also scan film up to 8×12 on the flatbed using a small Film Alignment Ruler that includes a clear calibration strip to help crop the image. Once I figured out how to use the Scanwizard Pro software, I was able to produce very good quality images relatively quickly. Crop Our final task was scanning a few slides.

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ScanMaker i Plus Pro Ai.

It handled everything we threw at it — line art, 35mm negatives, slides, prints — rather effortlessly, regardless of which scanning application we favored microte the moment. You should just be able to slip a film strip into the slot formed by the plastic holder and the flexible flap, but we found it took some effort.

The film holders lock into place, assurance perfect alignment and precise scans, as well as offering convenient batch scanning. Our first task was to scan a 30 year old negative in ScanMaker Pro which knew about the film holder.


Customer reviews

Fortunately, the box itself has the horsepower to deliver. I purchased this Microtek i photo scanner because I wanted to do high quality 35mm-4X5 film and transparency scans.

Inexpensive flatbeds strain to get their Dmax the maximum recordable density with 4. Digital ICE — Interestingly enough, the button-activated version addresses physical defects like scratches, rips and tears of prints. New drivers didn’t help, nor did their customer service: Crop Task Four was, like the map, a scan of colored line art, this time Flat Stanley http: Please enter a question.

Then without warning it just stopped functioning. Flat Film When closed the film is pulled tight and flat, as seen from the bottom. In that sense, the limitations we’ve noted are actually features.

HTM and VueScan http: You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The i Shadowed by the i behind it So the i brings the price of some heavy duty scanning features within range of those of us who don’t scan images for a living. The film holders that ship with the i precisely align 35mm filmstrips, film and 4×5 film on the flatbed where software can find each frame during batch scanning.

Fortunately, Microtek answers that quibble with the Pro version. Email — Opens the scanned image in your email editor.

ScanMaker i Plus Pro Ai

All it takes is one touch of a button — and you can launch the scanner button’s corresponding function. Perform OCR text scanning with accuracy. All scannable material sits on and faces a glass plate under which the CCD array tracks along the length of the scanner to make the image.


The CDs that came in the package had older drivers, so I downloaded the latest versions from the Microtek website. Get amazing results in a fraction of the time.

Epson Perfection V Photo scanner. The is compatible with all USB 1.

Microtek ScanMaker i – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

Scanner for Small Office. Its ScanWizard software, which knows about the i’s buttons, is designed for the casual user. It seems you need all three to get anything microtekk these days.

The Adapter Lock The lamp moves with the sensor to provide even and constant illumination. Again, we saw the oversaturation particularly in the park shot but that’s easily corrected.

I was unable to make the first scan with their software.

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