First race apperance for the , Spa Wheels in mag alloy with aluminium lock nut. The power output shaft drives the triple gear type oil pump with 4 additional small oil pumps driven by the exhaust camshafts. A mix of track, skid pad and wind-tunnel tests improved the car. As the was almost undrivable without the flaps with which it was designed and homologated, the cars were allowed to race at Le Mans but the devices had to removed thereafter.

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Car Drivers Entrant Result 7. Variety of approaches to wings interesting, checkout that crowd and the el-casual vantage points. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The Fichtel and Sachs clutch was replaced by a triple plate Borg and Beck item and the gearbox and clutch housing was reinforced to avoid the failures experienced at Le Mans.

Four valves per cylinder was never an option for this reason. Bob King on Seasonal Salutations…. Effectively this allowed the existing Mark 1 Ford GT40 and Lola T70 Mk3B cars to reamin eligible to keep grid sizes up, but with the hope or intent that 3 litre prototypes would be built in large numbers, Formula 1 having the same capacity limit at the time.

He shared the car with Richard Attwood, they lead the race for 20 hours, DNF after laps with a cracked gearbox bellhousing. Flaps banned post Le Mans. At Sachsenring on 30th August he took second to Curt Lincoln then finished the ,urt with a win at Bautzen on 13th September.


Porsche KG 1 st 5. The changes increased drag but critically improved downforce and stability, the rear flaps now long gone.

Formula One Series Statistics

The cars above were displayed for inspection at the factory to the CSI on 20 April, Ferdinand Piech cheekily offered the CSI inspectors the opportunity to drive any of the machines to prove they were complete and running, the offer was declined.

Whilst a short tail K won the Austrian Km race against weak opposition, other than at Le Mans the cars were still uncompetitive. Rindt won in a Lotus 49B Ford….

The engine was largely as was albeit the exhausts now exited at the rear whereas at first the front cylinders gasses had exited via the doors.

Car Drivers Entrant Result No time to admire the scenery for Gardner! Preis von Tirol [SP]. Testing showed that wider wheels and tyres were quicker, as were stiffer springs, however the suspension geometry itself was unchanged.

Sales brochure for thea snip at DM, in The power output shaft drives the triple gear type oil pump with 4 additional small oil raacing driven by the exhaust camshafts. All the fuel injection and valve timing settings were taken over from the albeit the valve angle differed to allow cooling air passages between the valves.

Cross section of the incredibly complex engine, hours to assemble. Porsche System Engineering Ltd. With three wins to his father’s two and the remainder going to Kurt Kuhnke and Curt Lincoln, Junior would have won the Championship had there been one. Von Frankenberg lurt accused, without proof, the works Lotus of Arundell and Rees of the same trick. Stability of the cars was critical, front spoilers were fitted racinng a ingenious setup of mobile rear flaps connected with the rear suspension in such a way that if the suspension was compressed the flaps would create an aerodynamic force to raise the tail whilst if the suspension was extended, the flaps would angle up to push the tail down.


Driver Kurt Ahrens, Jr. Career Statistics –

Porsche had a fantastic season winning all shrens Le Mans. Porsche System Engineering 3 rd 1. A long crankshaft did not allow anything other than a central power take off to avoid catastrophic torsional vibrations.

Frank Gardner and David Piper brought the home for its first race finish at the Nurburgring Km. Porsche factory drawing showing how suspension deflections actuated the rear wing flaps, from full to no ahrems. In Kurt joined the Porsche factory team and shared victory with Jo Siffert in the Austrian event.

All Results of Kurt Ahrens, Jr.

Its a LH spec note front trim wings but lack of adjustable wing flaps rear. As the was almost undrivable without dacing flaps with which it was designed and homologated, the cars were allowed to race at Le Mans but the devices had to removed thereafter. ATE aluminium brake calipers clamped ventilated iron discs.