Kodak white balance fluorescent. It works as described and takes excellent pictures. The auto-focus system is quick in good light and the camera achieves focus most of the time indoors or in low-light situations, helped by the AF assist lamp. The battery cover is difficult to close and is very flimsy. The silver portrait shutter can be seen lower left on the body. Features Handling Performance Verdict Specification The latest superzoom from Kodak has gone for something a little bit different. It then wasn’t ready within the ten second trial time.

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Kodak white balance fluorescent.

Image quality and color fidelity are generally good, and shutter lag is first-rate. While the camera back and top are adorned with buttons, there is kpdak spacing to minimize accidental activations. Once you have captured a photo, the Z has a reasonable range of options when it comes to playing, reviewing and managing your images. Connect your camera to your home or office computer and follow the easy on-screen instructions.

There is a focus-assist lamp to help with AF in dim conditions. They tell you to completely discharge before recharging but give easysharre no way of doing it. Edges and corners are a bit soft and there can be some chromatic aberration purple fringing in high contrast boundary areas. However, to aid in the vertical position, the Z has a grip that screws into kosak bottom of the camera sealing off the memory card and batteries so if you need to access them, it’s a more laboured task.

The price was great and I got lots of extras with it by purchasing on ebay. I like the glossy screen surround and there are flashes of metal here and there.


Tricky colours, such as purples are handled well but subtle hues look as though they’re about to get washed out. THe Z is pretty good It’s a great little Adv. Features Handling Performance Verdict Specification The latest superzoom from Kodak has gone for something a little bit different. Got great closeups of kids way out in left field from very far away zz980 Flash recycle times in normally lit conditions and shorter kodaak not requiring a full discharge ran about 3.

I think the bottom line is that they are all good cameras if you learn the settings and find the one you are comfortable working with. Full-resolution shots can only be captured at a pedestrian 1fps for up to 6 frames, but the camera also offers a faster 5fps High Speed mode for up to 9 frames, albeit at 3.

Kodak Z I owned a Kodak prior to this camera. Once you get a feel for the shutter there is no concern with its operation. Thought it would be a goner.

Kodak Easyshare Z colour test.

Kodak EasyShare Z980 Review

Kodak claims a shot battery life with its provided mAh Ni-MH AA batteries, but I fell short of that figure perhaps from burning so much time hunting through menus on the monitor because the user guide is so limited. Here are two shots of Tigr II — the first somewhat backlit and the second in the same spot but with flash enabled.

Kodak white balance tungsten. AF acquisition times are good at wide angle, and competitive with others in the field at the telephoto end.


The Kodak EasyShare Z is the first ever camera that we’ve reviewed with two built-in shutter buttons, the top one for use when the camera is horizontally aligned in landscape mode, and koadk second when you turn it on its side to use in portrait mode.

About this product Product Information Who says you can’t have it all?

Lens Performance The Z features a Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 24x zoom lens spanning the mm equivalent focal length range. Fasyshare acquisition time at wide angle in good light is a fairly quick 0.

Kodak EasyShare Z Digital Photography Review

I only buy Kodak cameras and when I saw the specs on this one I had to have it. Advanced Image Processing opens shadow detail and reduces image noise for great pictures under even the most challenging shooting conditions. There is some barrel distortion straight lines bow out from center of image at the wide end and a bit of pin cushion straight lines bow in toward center of image at telephoto.

In controlled lighting, noise starts to poke through even at the lowest setting which is a big shame.

Kodak EasyShare Z980

Exposure was generally pretty good with the default multi pattern metering, but there are center-weighted and spot options on tap should you feel the need. ISO and are only available at 3. Save on Digital Cameras Trending easywhare is based on prices over last 90 days.