Also, keep in mind that viewing angles have nothing to do with brightness and sharpness of the display, which are a standard Windows Mobile fare here. The center key is mounted within the wheel, and is made of plastic. The same holds true for the camera lens that has no cover and thus attracts dirt and mud. Apart from that, the P allows its user to view pictures as a slideshow, send a selected image via mail or MMS. Voice dial — self-explanatory application requires voice training, in other words, voice tags for specific contacts. The right-hand side would have been bald if it wasn’t for the dedicated camera button tap and hold to start up the application, click to take a photo. The P ships with Mb RAM, out of which around Mb is available for applications and OS needs, though the system files occupy around a third of this volume, so you are down to roughly Mb — this should be enough to allow for ten and more applications to run simultaneously on the P

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The settings adjustable in the camcoder mode are no different from those for still images, useful extras here include: Lharos — emulator for applications written on Java. The user can benefit by employing the T9 and iTAP systems — when using the former, you press every key only once, so the communicator offers you to pick the right word from the pool it managed to come up with; for the latter mode, the T9 gets disabled; and when typing without either of them, the P just offers you to pick one of the words you entered in your previous messages.

For the Image gallery, these amenities include gesture-based navigation through your pictures and ability to zoom in and turn photos with your finger tips. While a lot of things about these two communicators are similar, they still different in a couple of major ways:.

In terms of functionality, this communicator is as close to the P as it gets, but it also comes with 64 Mb RAM and a number pharps. All constituents and features of the TouchFLO technology, including the three-facet UI, are enabled in the HTC P scrolling in lists, phonebook etcmaking it so much more appealing that the P; in fact, it is one of the key items in its change log.


Among all other things it packs in a smallish self-portrait mirror and a macromode switch sitting above the lens. As far as software goes, much like in the case of Mio, the P is unrivalled, being miles easier to master and make use of thanks to the improvements made to the default UI of the operating system.

Audio Manager — application similar to the standard Media Player.

HTC Pharos – XDA-Developers

And the rest can be thrown onto the memory card. However, this issue is typical for all Windows Mobile devices, rather than the P alone. The communicator also comes with Bluetooth 2. The one on the left glows in green or orange, warning the user of active GSM- and UMTS-modules green and new messages, notifications, low battery orange. The reception quality was never an issue with the P — our calls were pretty loud, although we could use some more volume for call-unfriendly environments.

All other options are available from the panel at the base of the screen that can be brought up by tapping it:. The loudspeaker is slightly above average volume-wise, meaning that it is likely to get to you while on a busy street.

Design- and ergonomics-wise, these two are pretty much in one league — Glofiish benefits from offering two color schemes, while HTC offers better materials. All five tabs are still arranged in a horizontal line and can be navigated with a stylus or phados.

Review of GSM-communicator HTC P3470 (Pharos)

The contact list can now be sorted by photo ID, although in our unit this filter did a poor job, picking around entries out of around three dozens that had a picture assigned to them.

While capturing video, you can utilize only 2x zoom. Much like its elder brother, the application never seems to be in a hurry. Hence nobody guarantees these applications will launch and operate properly.


The top tow from left to right includes: Thanks to packing in conventional soft-buttons, as well as the Start and OK keys, the P is a breeze to move about. So if it gets proper distribution and press, the A may well become a passable alternative to the P, although with some reservations. While most controls are laid out in a traditional fashion except for the navigation cluster found under the displaysome elements have been moved to other places in the P, as compared to other HTC-branded solutions.

Since the X and the P bear nearly identical price tags, the key factors you should be basing on are design and whether you have time and desire to come to grips with the OS.

Below is a rundown on the profiles available with the P and their purposes:. The tab that changes the current sound profile offers the following options: While it is USD cheaper than the P, it comes with resembling materials and design.

Apart from scrolling through lists, texts and web pages, it also doubles as a navigation pad with four directional buttons embedded into it. Its capabilities are very limited; in light of this fact 3D Java is not supported. Generally, there are no size or duration limits for video files to be observed. Perched on the top of the left-hand side is the volume rocker, which is mounted flush with the casing, which makes it hard to tap by feel.

The P may be a way to go if you are into short clips, TV shows, but rest assured, you are very likely to run into serious difficulties dropped frames, freeze-ups even with converted videos.