Attempts to uninstall the program only make life more difficult and inconvenient. Results 1 to 10 of The time now is OK, I just saw you’re using Win98 Hebrew. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Yet another reason to always build your computer your self.

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One-touch multimedia keyboard spyware hewlett packard hp phone home

Of course not only does this invade an HP customer’s privacy by phoning home every few seconds, it greatly slows down internet connections with unnecessary bandwidth. Only thing is that the keyboard is spyware! Just keep the above link which provides a link back this site. I’m going to try uninstalling the drivers but i’m going to back up all my drivers incase i screw everything up. Checking my logs a long time laterI keybpard many, many hits to redirect.

Things are ok now, but I have wasted a lot of time doing extensive research to compile this information and I am ticked.

It is not that easy nettopa. Remove the driver and you are left with a keyboard-less computer. Ever tried to use a computer without a keyboard? Just surfing around and i found this site I am surprised the news media has not jumped on Hewlett Packard for this. This nasty phone-home software is named the “One touch multimedia keyboard”.


If memory seves, the enhanced HP keyboard application is call “Netropa” within the program files. But after finding many other people with the same problem, I decided to leave the article as is. So I’ll just keep keynoard my endless search.

Is the keyboard hooked through a USB hub or some other device? Entropa information will get you more responses Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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It is not that easy either. Yet another reason to always build your computer your self.

Netropa keyboard spyware removal?

HP and Netropa should be taken to task for invading my and thousands of other’s privacy. Try the sites it finds and see if any are relevant to your situation.

I’m using Win98SE Hebrew Enabled, and orange, I tested that driver, I see all the functions the keyboard setup program and can change them but the buttons on the keyboard don’t keybozrd, and I tested it with 3 keyboards incase the keyboard was defective. All without your knowledge.


I’ve got an HP Pavilion What type of hpp are you trying to hook it up to? Actually I was more positive than neutral Which means that the keyboard becomes useless without the driver.

That might be the problem Let me know if it worked for you. HP multimedia keyboard spyware not that many of you either use winblows or hp’s MM keyboard but I thought for those who might, this may be of interest. I have not yet sniffed the packets to determine what information was sent.

The internet enabled keyboard is actually pretty cool because with one-touch of a keyboard button you can access the internet, your favorites and other stuff.

I was pretty neutral Just what i needed to know