The G10 is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s been playing golf for 60 years, so from his perspective they are still new technology. Took 6 days for delivery and loving them. Would give these a try. Darrin told TaylorMade Fitter Jason Werner he needed a higher ball flight to cut the corners of the doglegs at his home course, where he plays 95 percent of his golf. No other group of golfers in the world tests golf clubs as frequently or as extensively as GolfWRX Members.

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Ping G10 Irons

Solid clubs – high and straight! The G25’s are nearly as cheap and I think the look and feel are better than G10 or G Salem, Oregon Ebay ID: Any Purist out there will love this club, hands down, your ahead of your buddies if the G10 is in your bag. TaylorMade M1 Seems I used draw, hook bla.

I am quite happy with my current TM Superquad and have stated to many of my playing partners that I cannot foresee replacing it anytime soon, perhaps I was wrong. My Mom’s 71 year old husband still plays them and he’s a 6 capper. Ratings out of 5 Looks: To complement the G10, Ping has also released an updated shaft, the TFC which was designed to fit a wide variety of players and features progressively increasing weight decreasing torque to fit players from R, S, to X flex.


I just bought the G10’s Had my G2’s for years and loved them ,but the new 10’s are great. But actually, if you went and got yourself fitted for one of these you might not need to tinker with your driver for some time.

But the jury’s still out for me, but will have no choice but to persevere! Equipment 1 month ago.

PING G10 Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Forgiveness is the main feature of the Ping G10 iron and right through the set they are very easy to hit and you still get good direction and distance on off-centre hits. I purchased a new g 10 driver about 3 weks ago. Bringing this old thread back to life! Building the perfect driver was a long way off and still isbut Jertson was excited where Ping had landed with the G Although there does not appear reiew be that much difference in design to the G5 once you hit it you will realise what all the hype is about.

I saw an average of a 1.

Got the 9 degree with a Prolaunch red stiff shaft. The lofts aren’t quite as jacked up as the newer G’s which is nice. The stability of the thinner face is maintained by the tuning port insert which gives the club great feel g100 impact for a cast head. I bought a G 10, had the people in The Valley of The Sun cut the shaft to 44 inches and combinded with a 12 dg.

Wolf Feb 28, at 7: I must say Ping G 10 wins the contest I drove the ball over hazzards that I could not before!


At a ipng TG Rating 4.

Ping G10 irons — anyone still playing?

I hit five shots with each driver on Trackman IV, and to ensure as much of an apples-to-apples comparison as possible, I tested each driver head with the same shaft. First thing I noticed was the larger head size and the deeper face.

Mizuno MP 64 Wedges: I was a bit anxious to see if it would hold up as the right fit, but after just a couple golff on the range at Aviara, I was convinced! All in all I am very glad I bought it.

I have been a Ping fan since the mid 80s, specifically their irons Eye 2s, ISIs, I3s, I5s but have had several other brands over the years, Ping drivers were never a real favorite of mine with the exception of the Si3 which was not the longest for me but was the straightest. S59 irons, mack daddy wedges and a G10 driver, 3 wood and hybrid. Ball flight is true and now that I’m getting used to it off the tee it’s a great go to club.