Since it was a birthday gift, he also gave me the choice: I tried to sell it whole but no one would bite, so I sold the keycaps and took apart the rest. Gateway AnyKey keyboard. When this macro is run “ctrl” key is stuck on preventing other macros running until another ctrl key press to clear the keyboard state. I guess these keyboards are pretty robust.

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Replacing them can give most items a full and healthy second life. The toroid should be repositioned or covered with tape or something to blunt its edge. Looked to be in good condition and pounced on it. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Not as convenient as the AnyKey, but better than nothing.

Vintage Gateway Anykey Programmable key Keyboard From Maxi Switch TESTD | eBay

The final, last-ditch desperation step although in your case it will probably have to be the next thing you try is soaking and “swishing around” the keyboard in warm, soapy 200 followed by a couple days anyjey drying. There is no upperbound limit to the length of a macro except the total free memory remaining in the keyboard, which is believed to be a maximum of 16 kilobits x 8 bits based on the controller board’s inclusion of an Atmel AT28C16 EEPROM chip.


Unfortunately, these labels are unlaminated plain paper printed with a simple dot matrix printer and over time turn yellow and brittle and are easily damaged.

Bummer I just chop shoped one of those for the keycaps a couple weeks ago and pitched the rest of it. Just this week I learned about the Interrobang glyph. I re-did the repair much more robustly, with full-length strips of clear packaging tape and to my delight, both keyboards subsequently worked perfectly.

Yes, you can revise it back, but IMO revising the computer’s registry is more dangerous than programming a keyboard. Mine goes back to and still works fine. I’m a lefty and preferleft function keys.

The key-remapping hacks you find on the web work by revising your computer’s registry.

Is there any adapter that works with my beautiful old Gateway keyboard?? Thanks for the link, but there is not description what the programs do and how they work.

The keyboard featured advanced programmability, making it possible for users to re-program the Anykey keyboards in unintentional ways. Skip to main content. Zeeman Thu, Jul 17,5: Gateway hardware Computer keyboard models. Wouldn’t you know it, my Droid wouldn’t display it.

Gateway AnyKey

Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Some background, I recently moved and shipped stuff including my keyboard by sea, but there is no apparent damage to the keyboard it was packaged well and all arrived dry and intact.


The Original Series 0200 Trek: A unique feature of the AnyKey is its hardware programmability. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Suggestions welcome gateay the IBM A utility for MS-DOS exists to quickly remap the entire keyboard to a predefined configuration or save its current configuration to a file, but it is not required to use or program the keyboard. Worth a try, I suppose. Over a year ago, when my own AnyKey malfunctioned to the point that I declared it deceased, he offered his up. A macro will go bad and print gibberish, and will repeat the same gibberish every time I play it back.

It has some adhesive on there but it seems to have lost its stick due to age. It’s hard to tell, but the end result is my utter disappointment. The software-only solutions I’ve looked at are just not feasible for me. Keyboare one of those circuit 200 from the Mylar sheet to the circuit board there are about a dozen of them IIRC controls about 10 separate keys, odd that just two of them would fail.