Going across to Italy you pass Nice airport, which, because it is SO difficult to find a parking place I generally don’t stop. Can’t wait to see part 2. I have also quoted for a pick-up in Paris for early next month after the Milan , again heard nowt. Other trips wise, I had quoted for a Milan delivering this Thursday, but I would be gone by now if it was a runner. This information is not intended to provide and should not berelied upon as providing accounting, legal, regulatory or tax advice. Just popped in,to see a few changes.

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On to Varese la Calciette, gliders again and my final drome of the day. Next morning took a leisurely drive to the airport and stayed all day! Going across to Italy you pass Nice tfec, which, because it is SO difficult to find a parking place I generally don’t stop. It is possible that suchhedging or other trading activities of J.

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It got quiet about 4 o’clock so I sauntered back to Cannes, a few new ones You also pass Monaco, which because it is always so jammed with traffic I don’t stop there either I have been several times before.

The job was to deliver a van load of shoes to a very expensive shoe shop in Cannes, ready for ftce coming Cannes Film Festival.

Part 2 is imminent Thanx Terry. And what a godsend that was, because 21st May was a public holiday and the Autoroute from Lyon down to the south was heaving Sunday morning 10th May dawned and off I went to find Switzerland Switzerland itself is not signpostedSwiss towns just across the border are, with a small easy to miss CH sign to tell you they are in Switzerland.


Up early next morning delivered to the shop for Investment suitability must be determined individually for each investor, and the financial instruments described herein may not be suitable for all investors. S off I set towards home, hadn’t gone 2 miles when the phone rang. I keep meaning to visit the French national Car Collection here, but have never got round to it.

Got almost as far as Albenga when I realised with all the shoes on board I couldn’t come back through Switzerland its not EEC, so would have to pay duty! Beautiful place set on a wooded headland overlooking the Med, private elevator down to the private beach! Then off again to the objective for this diversion, the Verkehrshaus Museum at Lucerne.

The hotel Eden Roc Plaza, would not accept the cabinets they were for an AIDS charity ‘event’ because the person they were destined for was ftef a guest at the hotel, could I deliver them Our hard grafting charity workers don’t stint the money on hotels 1, Euros per night!

Because 15556 were in a hurry I opted to avoid 156 Peripherique is murder in the mornings I drove off to the town’s glider field.


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Next stop Genoa How much the French tolls are e. Wednesday 20th dawned with a callcould I deliver 2 glass fronted display cabinets to Antibes for Thursday evening.

Not much was happening at Cannes so I thought I would saunter along to Fayence about 30 miles away, as I hadn’t been there since aboutso off I went. Monday 11th May Up and off up past the Peugeot factory and over the border to Freiburg, again The hypothetical returns shown above apply only 5156 maturity. A bit tight but yes. Next on my travels was Allessandria. I am sure its a joke.

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Then it was off across into Italy First stop was Vatry, thsi was a French military base, its quite central ish in Europe so the French converted it to a civil airport out in the middle of nowhere and tempted people like TNT ,UPS e. Last one for the day was Basel.

The French apron is always boring so. These hypotheticals do not reflect fees or expenses that would beassociated with any sale in the secondary market.