Here is a recipe which removes all old video drivers, and reinstalls nouveau: Upon first login after installation, the resolution default to x If I choose “Safe graphics mode” in the boot menu I see that “xforcevesa” is correctly added to the kernel boot parameters, but that hint is ignored by the X configuration scripts of the LiveCD. No assignee Edit question Solved by: On the other hand, if you have older hardware , then if your hardware used to work with a non-vesa driver in the past, possibly support for your hardware has been dropped from the video driver. I’ve tried to install Edgy on an Asus sis and I have the same problem above

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In the past, if it failed for whatever reason, GDM would load the failsafe-x session, which then displayed a relevant error message to the user; with the broken failsafe in Karmic users were not able to see this and thus had no way to differentiate one issue from the next.

Intel graphics driver fails to load, falls back to vesa.

Use xrandr –newmode to define the new resolution. However, if you do some of this manually, like installing files by hand, it can leave the alternatives system in an inconsistent uee. It makes life easier if you pop open a terminal and type to open your gui monitor program: Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. There are 2 simple ways to do this. Calling xrandr tells me the same:.

Guys, how on the Earth one could make an OS that requires such an effort just to switch video driver? Still, even if it is just theoretical, we should ensure it cannot happen.


Try attaching a monitor. You need make sure your screen size fall into the maximum framebuffer, otherwise you should increase the value in xorg.

Including more advanced solutions such as “ati” and “nv” drivers is great for a LiveCD, but there must also be the option of using a much more basic, “sure to work” method in the event the first method fails. Second, as this is a per-user setting, it won’t affect the resolutions of other users, nor will it alter the resolution on the login screen.

This trigger would kick in for a variety of different types of X failures, such as a typo in the xorg. Workaround in the meantime is booting the previous kernel.

Here is a recipe which removes all old video drivers, and reinstalls nouveau: In certain cases it may be possible that nvidia. From my experience on Windows I fogce that using the NVidia driver I either get garbled output or the computer completely crashes, no matter which mode is chosen.

Also, I read somewhere that Ubuntu 9. If you can add and apply forcs desired undetected resolution s dinamically with cvt and xrandr, but you get an error after applying static changes to xorg. Org X Server 1. Need to fully remove -nvidia and reinstall -nouveau from scratch Problem: Enrico Sardi enricoss wrote on Sign up using Email and Password.

Org Server Extension [ Ubuntu xserver-xorg-video-intel Edit question Assignee: Bruce Cowan brucedeactivatedaccount wrote on The virtual screen size maximum framebuffer is x which is vewa set in xorg.


That may be the cause of the intel driver failing, but without it I get no video at all.

Setting VESA display mode > x in Ubuntu – Super User

Change the default xorg. If you have newer hardware such as if you’re an OEM and testing hardware that is not yet released then it may simply be the case that support for your ubjntu has not been added to the driver, or was added only recently and is not available in the released driver.

Judging usee number of bug duplicate bug reports that have been trickling in so, you will lose a big number of new users because of this bug unless you act quickly and escalate this problem. Many people reinstall the nvidia driver from the nvidia website at ubunu point, which also will solve the problem but puts your system into a non-stock state which may make future support more challenging.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Foorce installed Ubuntu some days ago, and using the correct driver, it always crashed, sometimes after it shows some reasonable content, sometimes even without.