Also can’t seem to configure USB port. The time it takes to reach complete resolution of complaints will be governed by the nature and complexity of the issue but we will endeavour to ensure that consumers are informed of the progress of complaints as appropriate. Found another idea from “Tokyo” Did you find out if yours was fixable and what it was? I tried the reset but I still have the same error. Epson support was no help with this problem. Mine seemed to quit working after the scanner got stuck.

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Found another idea from “Tokyo” This will work until, alas, I need to make an ink refill – then what? It does not apply to goods intended for everyday consumption. These were constant headaches with this unit.

epson cx needs reseting | FixYourOwnPrinter

To be honest I had over a hundred dollars worth of ink cartridges left from the last printer cc6600 the Epson was the only other printer that would use the same cartridges and that is the only reason I bought the Th is printer is a workhorse and it is not available any longer.

My printer showed a dialog box with “Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. I had mine diagnosed by Epson via Best Buy and they are saying the print head is clogged and that they can’t unclog it.


Why doesn’t Epson own up to the fact they produced some garbage printers and make it right by us consumers? Thank you so much for your instructions which worked perfectly and my printer is now working.

Unless the seller at epspn discretion decides otherwise, if the seller agrees to accept the return of any such goods, then:.

Work perfick again – Anonymous. Then I lost red. And look in the gutter under the sponge.

Last night I scanned a doc, had been making copies before that, and following scan, no ink on paper. The only major pro on this item is that the ink can be found for about a buck a cartridge on ebay for the generics, so cost wise, it’s definitely worth it if you can afford the headaches.

Epson CX6600 Driver

Probably, I’ll have to replace the sponge. The customer will be required to return the goods to the company before a refund can be processed. Before you send your machine to service center or abandon it, you can do these: The printer estimates how much ink is supposed to be in it by the number of cleaning cycles and gives you the message.

I replaced the color inks several times with Epson ink and black ink x6600 generic. It does not apply where goods are bought for business use, from showrooms, fairs or exhibitions.

I told him he and Epson should be ashamed and that I’ll never buy another Epson product ever again. The last time I replaced the color ink, again with Epson ink, shortly after, I lost blue.


The procedure described by Paul, does indeed work and “reset” the printer. I’ve been on the Phone to epson and a service guy for an hour and all i needed to do was this reset! I was panicking all weekend that i stglus to have sum big service to my printer on monday because i to have got a cx that come up with that same message about call service.

See your printer’s documentation for details. Truth is they soak up very little ink. You’ll need to move the small plastic stop has a spring underneath to the right.

Thanks for all your posts and help. My priciple motivation for buying my first Canon is quality and engineering integrity. Distance Selling regulations allow for a cooling off period of 7 days from receipt of goods covered under the legislation.

Wha t I like most is, its a stand alone copier, that you can use without the computer being turned on, plus you can make both black copies or color, at the touch of a button Styls company cannot be held responsible for goods returned without proper identification.

Epson USA recommends professional repair with this error message on their web site.