It will probably not be identified with the name of the scale; it should say something like Generic Human Interface Device. Hopefully they’ll be in touch and send that to you soon. Do we know if v 5. If not, what can we do to get it supported? If not, an upgrade to a later release would be necessary. Maybe I’m just overlooking the info.

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Provided you are running the latest release of the Order Manager v5. Monsoon Stone Edge User Forum: Mark Richmond Replied on: Keep in mind that not all scales listed in our application are supported for both methods.

Shipping Scale Setup

SEOM returns the decimal value representing the total pounds, for example, a package weighing Which represents the character “W” and endidia carriage return chr 13 or hex 0D. I am running Windows 7. For example, a 3lb 6.

Kevin, I’m assuming you got the sample scale by now. SEOM returns the decimal value representing the total kilograms, for example, a package weighing g will report a total weight of 1. I cannot find any info in your knowledge base that mentions anything other than the smallest endicia scale. Es7500i scale is set up in High Resolution mode, the weight is passed to the Order Manager as a decimal value with a unit measurement of “lb” or “kg”.


UPS WorldShip should also have a list of supported scales in the setup area. E7500u Order Manager will return the decimal value representing the total pounds i. Ultegra and Ultegra Junior.

In either configuration, SEOM will send the following:. I need the physical scale to validate the hardware control code. I added support for this specific scale in the 5. Mark, I’ve been working with the company to have them send a sample of the scale to Stone Edge so they can integrate it with Order Manager.

Endicia ES U scale for Sale in Portland, OR – OfferUp

In fact its not even currently installed on this particular pc long es7500 Reply author: Hyperterminal does not work with USB connections. So far, it is working with Mettler Toledo PS60 scales.

I then went into Quick Ship, clicked on the scale and received the error message “System Parameters not set. Seems like the hybrid setting isn’t working for me.

Endicia ES 7500U scale

Depending on the setup, the weight can be returned in decimal format xxx. If the hardware is not different then the only possibility I can offer is ed7500u another application is holding the USB port open.

Any estimate regarding how long it will take to integrate the scale with OM?

Kevin, I have asked the manufacturer to send you a test scale and any related software. A minor change was made to the USB System for Windows Vista which may have an es5700u No changes have been made to the serial port code – I would have you verify that the scale responds properly in HyperTerminal to the following serial settings: I can plug it in an see what the output is SEOM will parse the two values and combine them into a decimal value representing the total pounds i.


For an application such as ours that needs to use the device, we must be able to poll for its existence – thus we must know something about it – endici open a port to it prior to reading any response data. SEOM reads endicis weight in grams, performs the appropriate conversion and returns the total weight in kilograms.

The weight response from the scale is passed to SEOM as a endixia value with a unit measurement of “lb” or “kg” in the following format:. I’m trying to get that combo to work and its looking like the adapter isn’t recognizing the scale. The scale will respond with one of the following two results depending on mode:. I would think that PS60 and PS30 would have the same output, but that’s the kind of assumption that always gets me in trouble.