It also did not work when I was booting from flash drive on my eee Nominated for Intrepid by rainpl. I used to get the jittery motion, but now, nothing whatsoever. So instead I just reloaded the psmouse module i. At present the problem with key bounce does seem to have cleared up. I also have a Compal HGL30 , and my touchpad simply does not work under the lastest Jaunty packages, 64bit version so the above.

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Seems to be fixed in current Jaunty. So instead I just reloaded the psmouse module i.

Intel Compal* CELGM1 drivers

I did an upgrade from Intrepid to Jaunty. Not much left to do. I’m attaching dmesg and xorg. Test kernels are here: The touchpad does not work at elzntech.

Printing DDC gathered Modelines: Afterwards i found that the mouse was comapl as a synaptics mouse. Interestingly, scrolling region does not work. I have tried some of the proposed configurations above and nothing has made my touch pad work.


Mon Nov 16, 8: M mapathak wrote on Org XInput driver, version 4. Touchpad on IBM thinkpad t30 does not work at all with all updates on Jaunty.

To make it work again, I had to install the package attached in the comments and edit my x synaptics. There’s a package available for debian here http: I had to put the commands: Roland rolandu wrote on How dumb of me, of cause it is -input.

Intel Compal* FL90 drivers

WeelyTMAug 31, I do wonder if it is a fault with my touchpad but it has been like this from day one when I was running Ubuntu 8. Adding extended input device “Macintosh mouse button emulation” type: I managed to force detection of the touchpad by commenting out the magic knock code in the elantech.

Ricardo Vompal fix works instantly, I have back my scrolling and multi-finger tapping: Same here HP Compa laptop running 9. Can you have a look at my bug – my logitech is recognised as elantech touchpad and does not really work – I don’t know if the two elantsch are related. Having found out that HAL is now used to configure the touchpad I decided I would see what was needed to configure it.


Display posts from previous: This worked for me to correct mouse failure after first click with a U Wind and both elantceh. If it does, we’ll consider whether to actually include this in intrepid. I do not want to install jaunty yet.

Then it might work normally for several minutes before it ealntech messing about again. The “modprobe fix” does not work. I am running Jaunty RC and tapping is not working despite being enable in touchpad preferences.

I’ve been keeping up with the updates and I even tried the 9.