Flight Simulators for PCs: No Crashproofing Kit, thank you. The EPO foam can be easily repaired with epoxy glue in 5 minutes. The listed price is for the PNP version. See what’s happening on our social media sites. Ever hear of the USS Indianapolis?

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The Dynam A with retracts is here! Dynam Hawker Tempest mm 5 Channel 2. No Flap Kit, thanks. Dynam Sonic Big Scale 1. So- pick up a Tempest and go hunting- you’re now a Jabo!

Available with Crashproofing Prep or Installed – please check the options. This plane develops g of thrust on a mAh 4s 30c battery, and about g on a 5 cell- power to spare!

Please choose your version above! No matter what you call it, it’s here!

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We apologize for any inconvenience- but you should be getting the Crashproofing anyway! There will never be enough Corsairs!

Dynam ME Custom Options: There may be a slight delay time for this item. The large wing area and light wing loading of a biplane construction offers extremely smooth and agile flight characteristics while demonstrating precise response and feedback from the controls. Add this super-cool biplane to your hangar.


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Okay, the survivors were found by a Ventura. The famous Waco biplane trainer, straight in from the old days. Please choose your version above. Flight Simulators for PCs: No Extra Battery, thanks.

What more dynwm you need to say about a plane like that? Check out her realitisic, scale features like the hand painted pilot and molded panel lines.

Check out it’s flying performance in this video! I’ll get them later lol. We’ve all been waiting for a nice foam rendition of the world’s first operational jet fighter, and this one does NOT disappoint!

Been waiting for this one, right? This work controlleer art is designed for easy transportation and superior performance.

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The listed price is for the PNP version. And did I mention you can usually just bump up the battery voltage for loads more speed? Contgoller nice looking jet that will provide plenty of punch in the air. There are still some in service 70 years later! Note the low price- Dynam saves money even on packing materials, so there may be some surface dings from parts pressing together, no matter where dynm buy them the other guys just don’t mention it.


The traveling range is around meters and with that you can take over any park. In the years of the 20th century, most of the British and Commonwealth pilots were flying their first plane, a Tiger Moth. Please add a mAh 3s 20C Lipo Battry Dynam A 5-Channel 2.