This button is enabled when the Color Adjustment button is selected. Pull the Manual Feed Tray up and out. Click Finish to leave the install program and return to the disc main menu. Scanned pages are printed. When installing software for Windows XP, if a software installation warning for an unsigned device driver is displayed, click Continue Anyway to bypass the warning and install the driver.

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Manual Duplex Loading Paper Envelopes should be fed in the face-up position, right edge first. For the simple, default installation, select Express Mode and click Next.

Toner for Olivetti D-Copia MF

Always use a soft cloth dampened with alcohol or mild detergent to clean the machine. Contrast Adjusts the range between the darkest and the lightest shades in the image.

Inside Machine Open the Scan Unit. Copies Use to select the number of prints required. All product names and brands r-copia registered trademarks of their respective owners. Auto Level Click the Auto Level button to add shadow to reveal more details in an image.

Warming Up When the machine is switched on for the first time, this message will take several minutes. Preparations Click Accept to proceed. Any copies made of all or part of this guide and any copyrightable subject matters must contain the same copyright notice as the material from which the copying is done.


As the scanner driver is not a stand-alone software, it has to be started from 1664 a TWAIN-compliant software application and then the scanner driver is able to scan and load the image to your computer. Page 37 Preparations Click Accept to proceed. Maintenance Shipping Lock Always slide shipping lock to Lock position before moving this machine from one location to another.

Lift the Developer Unit together with the Toner Container out of the printer. Courier Typeface Used to denote messages or Access Each configuration instruction in this guide tells you to access the menu item and provides a route map to direct you to that item. Toner Install System Settings Access Do not remove any of the covers from the machine as there is a danger of electrical shock from high voltage parts inside the machine. Model selection – Select a manufacturer Manufacturer.

Loading Paper Load the printed sheet in the printed face-down position on the Manual Feed Tray again, and print the rear side. The machine will begin to warm up after which the ready screen is displayed.


Olivetti d-Copia 163MF and 164MF

Scanning Functions Click Preview or Scan to preview or scan your document s. Page of 97 Go. Clean the charger wire.

Load one sheet or envelope at a time. List of the menu selection system. Exit Click Select Language. All device drivers have been fully tested. Other switches on the equipment are only functional switches and are not suitable for isolating the equipment from the power source.

Enabling the Print Borders displays the page borders of each page. Copy Setting Copies Selects the number of copies. If you order by 5: Deleting a scan Right-click a file name and press [Delete] on the settings file The machine is ready to use.