The little chip with the yellow spot first part of the 3rd line is partially unreadable: Against Diversity mode seems largely a gimmick. I tried this on a Virgin train between Birmingham and Bristol and got no picture, just programme info, but I’m inclined to believe that the fact I was sitting in a large metal tube had something to do with it. Don’t have an account? Actually, you see 6. On the bigger integrated on the middle:

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Views Read View source View history. This device has a hybrid analog and digital tuner dvb-tanalog teletext, a remote control similar to the XXS and analog input for acquisition from analog video standard s-video and audio stereo source through RCA connectors.

TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS – LinuxTVWiki

But since end of march there is a working linux driver. At 7-inches you can get a inch picture.

Still persists firmware problems. The remote control works fine, although we’d like it to work a little quicker – scrolling through the EPG can get boring.

TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS FM

I got my soldering iron cinefgy took the beast apart. Thanks a lot cinergj Markus Rechberger who did develop this driver. Posted by Toge – Wed 05 Oct There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, Marc. The little chip with the yellow spot first part of the 3rd line is partially unreadable: Posted by Steve – Fri 07 Apr Retrieved from ” https: Successfully created frontends, demuxer, dvr and net.


The software is the same suite that appeared in the Cinergy Hybrid: All others are under the shieldings. In reasonable signal areas I didn’t see diversity making a huge difference in signal strength, so in general Xe probably stick with the more useful dual tuner mode.

Terratec has done a stellar job cramming the functionality it has into such a small device.

Unfortunatly, I could not find an Linux driver for this beast by Januar For Compact and attractive Subscription to tvtv. On the bigger integrated on the middle: I think this is the thing I have been looking for following two failed attempts in purchasing a tv receiver for my laptop.

The file was create but I would like to know if it is normal that perl script always “runs out of data”.

I opened the case and found 2 PCBs almost coverted by shieldings. I used the apps from Terratec to do the snoops:.

However, we’re not aware of a USB2. I started channel scan, but the app is doing something I don’t think streaming. The other trick up its diminutive sleeve is diversity mode, which locks on to two seperate signals, and allows better reception even when travelling at speed.


The version with usb identifier 0ccd: I use Kaffeine for dvb-t tv watching and the device is correctly found a through its frontend the Zarlink zl Here are hybrir pictures: This page has been accessed 55, times. The aerial, while a good design, is of little use in areas where the signal isn’t strong.

Posted by CyberGhost – Thu 25 May I have two hybtid and as I plugged it in to the second one I got an other 3 entries.