Flash sites will take ages to load, Youtube progress bar will stall forever. Switch to Celcom now! For most people, kbps is next to unusable. Digi is a balance between download and upload, suitable for users that upload photos to facebook , video to youtube , and for webmaster transferring files FTP to remote servers. Our billing system is now with Real-Time charging.

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Our billing system is now with Real-Time charging. Hello savings, goodbye big bills! Get 1-month FREE access now. P1 and YES are excluded since both are tagged as 4G.

The ultimate deal on the best devices, just for you Only when you shop on the e-Store. Central Residence Soho for rent.

UMobile Fast upload and value for money: What else you can do with a kbps connection? Speed wise, over 1Mbps is a norm, downloading from fast site will boost speed up to 2Mbpsoccasionally drop below 1Mbps but recovers quickly.

Celcom broadband Celcom has very poor reception at my house, I even have difficulties to get it connected so a full review is impossible.

Read the full review on U Mobile broadband. Consistently high upload speed. Delivery to your doorstep by filling up details here. For the same price, you only get 1. Nowadays a single HD movie could easily exceed 1. Flash sites will take ages to load, Youtube cecom bar will stall forever. Best iPhone XR deal. The SIM card can be used with any 3G modem that is unlocked, means not locked to a specified operator.


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I got a U Mobile modem for that purpose. U mobile broadband coverage in Penang, Seremban, JB. Thanks for being with us all the way! As a leading rboadband company in Malaysia, Celcom aspires to achieve the highest level of trust, transparency and credibility in its business operations.

Derek’s Blog – 3G review , Maxis vs Celcom vs Digi vs U Mobile

Please do not respond to these calls and always remain on high alert against scams. Things get complicated if you need the mobility, or broadband on broadgand go. If you do a lot broadbaand uploading, you could not go wrong with Digimost of its peers are scoring 3 — 10 kbps in the upload category, with Digi, you can constantly achieve up to 30kbps.

Benefit from hassle-free life protection at your fingertips. Speed is almost as fast as Umobile, but its price tag of RM48 and smaller usage cap of 1. Umobile is a download powerhouse, speed over 2Mbps backed by 5GB usage limit. When high-speed internet becomes a necessity, choosing the right broadband is not becoming any simpler.


We have upgraded our billing system to give you control over how much you spend with real-time charging and now that your boradband limit takes into account your monthly fee, billed amount and current usage. Central Residence Soho for sale. Strictly not for heavy downloader or P2P freak.

Only RM119/month with EasyPhone™

This is a simple, yet comprehensive review on 3G broadband. Umobile has a rebate scheme for modem, RM20 rebates for first 5 months, so you only pay RM48 per month.

Generally the signal strength of Celcom is weaker than others, but if you got broadgand signal, Celcom is pretty fast, hovering between 1 — 1. If you download movies, this plan is not for you.