Who decides when you should take to the track? Leadership key if young Blues are to succeed in Super Rugby. I tend to drive at my limit during the safety car phase. Ultimately it is race director Charlie Whiting’s call as to whether Maylander is deployed, but he does have some say by communicating with race control throughout the event. I give them my opinion of the situation and I wait for their feedback. After all the hard work and excitement, I like to relax and spend Sunday evenings at home.

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The Blues have the talent and an excellent coach in Tana Umaga, but they’ll need strong leadership if they’re to succeed in Super Rugby — Craig Dowd writes. During the Friday practice session the safety car is not in use, so Maylander watches events unfold malander the FIA motorhome before making an maylandeer at both the F1 and GP2 driver briefings.

He started karting in the early s and then rose through the ranks in Formula Ford and the Porsche Carrera Cup.

Who on earth is Bernd Maylander? | Formula 1 | F1 features |

How are the drivers informed about the safety car phase? At the circuit, we have a brief meeting with Charlie Whiting, the press, the technical and software department and with my team. Since the FIA has entrusted the task of driving the safety car to Bernd Maylander, a former successful touring-car racer.

Jerry Wong holds lead with 80 left after Day 5 of main event. Its first introduction was in at the Canadian Grand Prix. Expanded Super Rugby a convoluted mess Super Rugby enters its 21st season this week, but there is no reason to party as expansion has made the competition woefully lopsided, Greg Growden writes.


It is nice watching the circuit slowly come to life and feeling everyone get excited about the day ahead. Eddie Jones is set to shake up England, but how did an Aussie youngster who grew up loving cricket morph into the hardened leader the rugby world knows today?

The toughest part of the day for me begins right after the GPS test. Additionally the driver is informed via radio by the team and a warning light inside the cockpit flashes until the safety car phase is over. He watches the race on a TV in the car and receives constant weather updates.

Vojtech Ruzicka leads with 27 players left in the WSOP main event, with year-old and two-time bracelet-winner Cliff Josephy just behind him.

Bernd Mayländer – Wikipedia

All the cars, beginning with the race leader, must line up behind the safety car. View all CFB Sites. As soon as all cars have completed the first curve, Race Control tells us to move the safety car to the parking position for the rest of the race.

The laps completed during the safety car phase count as normal race laps. This means that a Formula 1 cp can overtake the safety car every three laps.


It will remain until the hazardous situation is under control and the FIA feel that it is safe to resume racing.

View all NBA Sites. By the time the grand prix is scheduled maylnder begin, there have already been two races run that day. View all MLB Sites. As of Saturday, I regularly look in on our weather service to get the latest updates. By the time he hit Turn 1 to begin corralling the cars, the real challenge began.

F1’s safety car driver. I give them my opinion of the situation and I wait for their feedback. View all Mayylander Sites. If the specified number of laps is completed, a race can also come to an end behind the safety car.

Michael Ruane has lived most of his life in poker obscurity, exactly how he wanted it.

Bernd Mayländer

But those days are gone now that he’s in the November Nine. Unsurprisingly, Maylander is an experienced and accomplished racing driver. It takes up its position at the front of the field and leads the Formula 1 cars around the track at reduced speed until the dangerous situation has passed.

Expanded Super Rugby a convoluted mess. They inform race befnd if they want me to speed up or slow down.