It supports headsets and has the handsfree profile along with serial port, file transfer, DUN dial up networking for using the phone as a wireless modem for a notebook but not A2DP high quality stereo audio. Two soft keys sit just above the keyboard so you need not tap the screen or use the front face buttons to activate soft key functions. Your next weed hookup could be a vending machine. Should you need more space for programs and files, you can get a Mini SD card to use with the Learn more about Amazon Prime.

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Then on occasion it would say that it had connected, show the error and yet nothing had actually changed in either the device or the desktop. See questions and answers.

We’re not sure what chip the uses but it supports both b and g modes there’s a registry hack to enable g mode only, but you won’t see huge performance improvements because the Pocket PC CPU speed and architecture are bottlenecks. Supports both portrait and landscape modes.

And for those of you who don’t subscribe to Cingular’s unlimited data plan, WiFi is a must, assuming you have an access point at home, work or wherever you wish to use the device for Internet access. To solve, I let it be overnight and rebooted the device.

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They work great cingualr are reliable–suggestion, create your cimgular tag where you need it the most, The voice recognition does seem to include some background sounds. Outlook on the PDA has calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and email called Messagingwhich you can sync to a Windows desktop running Outlook. If you cancel your paid Prime membership or return the qualifying smartphone within the first 3 months of your paid Prime membership, we may void your Gift Card or charge you in the amount of the Gift Card.


But, then came another big bill.

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Can’t believe I angsted for three days about buying this phone only to find out at checkout that I can’t afford it afterall. SIZE–Is just right and the best that is out there at this moment with a slide out keyboard.

The camera can take still photos up to x at 1. If you answered A then I would urge caution in making this purchase. Some of this is due to the fact that the Dingular has additional signal processors which can be used for phone functions, thus keeping the main CPU free to handle the rest of the system. But it wasn’t as good as some Nokia phones Nokia is the king of RF.

But I wasn’t getting the best service in my house and really needed a more reliable technology. The first 5 things to do with a new Google Home speaker 3: When you’re in the phone dialer screen, the automatically switches the top row to numbers rather than letters so you need not press the Fn key before punching in a number.

Cingular 8125

Bluetooth, in contrast, just works. Photos could use more sharpening, but that’s easily handled with your favorite desktop image editing program.

They keys are usable with long fingernails and I can touch the keys with the sides of my finger without hitting another key. We tested the phone as a modem for a Windows XP machine, and it worked fine.


The setup software is basic since it uses Microsoft’s spartan Bluetooth stack and software, but it gets the job done. Communication Other versions of the Wizard ship with I do have to note that the applications open a bit slower than in my i I really miss the old mute button which was a simple screen tap.

Doesn’t make your heart race with excitement if you’re a geek addicted to “the bigger the better” kinds of numbers. The loses a half star to the PPC and XV only because it lacks 3G, which is an important feature for a data-centric device.

Cingular 8125 Pocket PC Phone Review

Inside, they’re all the same, sporting Windows Mobile 5. The camera’s LED flash isn’t useful unless you’re very close to your subject living subjects will hate you because the flash is blinding and constantbut it makes a wonderful flashlight. Please try again later.

I’ve tried to trick the auto-sign in – putting in false modem numbers and passwords. Experience the convenience of Alexa, now on your PC. You can certainly get away with using the device in a noisy environment without too much difficulty. The bottom front panel only contains four buttons: Cingular’s MEdia Net connection settings proxy can cause problems using Internet Explorer over WiFi which means you have to twiddle with connection cingulsr.