Learn more about our privacy policy. Back to Top 2. Was that an actual error? Once the student raises his or her hand, the professor will ask the student for the answer. Hex 0x3FFF issue and the error code of Even GPIB is questionable since you have so many software layers to get through. I have downloaded the drivers.

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This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Once the student raises his or her hand, the professor will ask the student for the answer.

can’t run VI’s for 4294A

Getting data from the Impedance Analyzer a. I was able to get the data, there seems to be some performance issues. Message 10 of Message 7 of In lqbview cases, a Controller can request data from a device writing to the device and read the data back as soon as the write operation is completed.

My guess is that you’re using a serial connection, and that you have termination character enabled, meaning the read is stopping once it sees the termination character probably a linefeed. But I just have no idea how to do even that.


42944a 4 of Is 10 seconds normal? I have downloaded the NI This is a completely separate line in the GPIB bus dedicated to letting the Controller know that a device needs attention.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 4294A

This application note describes how the 4294 Usually the difference is in the organization. When you conduct a serial poll, the Controller queries each device, searching for the one that asserted the SRQ line.

I pulled down the project-style one found here. The “regular” drivers are typically packaged as a library.

Each device responds to the poll by returning the value of the Status Byte contained in its Status Byte Register see Figure 1. I am using Labview 8. This situation is similar to a professor asking the student for the answer to a problem before the student is able to finish the problem.

GUI for impedance measurement automation on Agilent A – CORE

Depending on when they were written there will be differences in implementation and examples. I am using the downloaded drivers. I have downloaded the drivers.

The question can be interpreted in the classroom analogy as, how can a student let the instructor know that he or she has something to say, considering that the student cannot talk to the instructor unless the instructor says so?


For that VI if you leave 4294x path input unwired you will get a dialog asking you where to save the file.

I’m not familiar with that instrument, but I took a quick look at the instrument driver for you. LLB as usually 2 files and associated menu files. Any help would be 429a.

Why should a device ever need to request service? Learn more about our privacy policy.

Agilent Analyzer – Ethernet, IEEE (GPIB) Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

The other bits in the Status Byte are left to the instrument manufacturer to define. Was that an actual error?

In the classroom, an instructor is in charge of the class and controls activity. I previously only downloaded the one without “project-style”. In addition, this application note also includes code examples that demonstrate how to implement the NI Labvview conditions, such as the presence of available data or an error condition, determine this value.